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Growing a Team through Lean Six Sigma Thinking: PIV Bundle
with Right Device Selection to Improve Outcomes

Nancy Moureau, RN, PhD, CRNI®, CPUI, VA-BC

Chief Executive and Educational Specialist, 

PICC Excellence, Inc.


Lee Steere, RN, CRNI®, VA-BC

Assistant Manager

Hartford Hospital, CT

Mapping the Transmission of Resistant and Virulent Pathogens
in the High-Risk Operating Room Environment

Randy W. Loftus, MD

Ready for <USP 800>? The Next Chapter in Hazardous Drug Safety

Seth Eisenberg, RN, OCN®  

Marty Polovich, PhD, RN, AOCN®

Giving Clinicians and Patients a Peripheral Advantage

Gregory J. Shears, MD

Lynn Hadaway, MED, RN-BC, CRNI®

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